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Gastric Band Surgery is a procedure to control weight and treat obesity. A gastric band is an adjustable piece of equipment that is placed around the upper part of the stomach to restrict how much you can eat. Unlike gastric bypass and gastric sleeve, the gastric band procedure involves no cutting our stapling of the stomach.

Gastric Band not only helps you reduce your overall caloric intake, it also helps you make better nutritional decisions. Initially, weight loss will be drastic, about 2-3 pounds per week. Overtime that will decrease to about 1 pound per week then after 18 months, weight loss will significantly decrease. The majority of the weight loss will occur within the first year.

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How Gastric Band Works

To place the band around your stomach, your surgeon will use a laparoscopic method (minimally invasive) to access your stomach. Once the band is in place, an injection port is installed with a small tube connected to the band so that adjustments can be made after the surgery. Doctors can adjust the saline level in the band through the injection port to control the rate at which food passes into the stomach.

The procedure only takes 1-2 hours, and has a quicker recovery time than gastric bypass surgeries, but it does vary by case. Most people can return to work one week after surgery (depending on the job). There will be some pain after the surgery which is normal and will be controlled with medication prescribed by your doctor. It takes about 3-5 weeks to begin eating solid food again. After 6-8 weeks, you will feel as normal as you did before the surgery.

Gastric Band Before & After

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Advantages of a Gastric Band

  • The procedure is minimally invasive and quick
  • It’s a reversible procedure and the band can be adjusted
  • Can lead to significant weight loss and improve symptoms of diabetes 
  • All food is digested and absorbed normally with no malabsorption

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Gastric Band Before & After