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Gastric Bypass Surgery in Phoenix, AZ

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Gastric Bypass Surgery is a procedure to control weight and treat obesity. The procedure alters the way your small intestine handles the food you consume. Gastric Bypass Surgery helps individuals lose weight by restricting the amount of food and calories that can be eaten at one time.

Gastric Bypass not only helps you reduce your overall caloric intake, it also helps you make better nutritional decisions. After your procedure you will most likely experience discomfort after eating sugars, fats, and carbs. This ensures you are not only losing weight but living a healthier and happier life as well.

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How Gastric Bypass Works

Your surgeon will divide your stomach into two sections; a smaller one and a larger one. Then a process called stomach stapling turns the smaller portion into a pouch which can only hold a significantly smaller amount of food than your stomach used to. This is a “restrictive” form of weight loss surgery since it lessens the amount of food you need to feel full.

This is the actual “bypass” part of the surgery when the surgeon will disconnect where the small stomach pouch currently connects to the small intestine and connects it to a part of the intestine that’s further down. This is called “Roux-en-Y”. It forced food to pass the “duodenum” and goes directly to the “jejunum” to restrain the absorption of calories and nutrients. This part of the surgery is “malabsorptive” since it alters nutritional intake.

Gastric Bypass Before And After

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Advantages of a Gastric Bypass

  • Greater overall weight loss due to dietary restrictions and less caloric absorption
  • Induces rapid and significant weight loss
  • You will eat healthier due to discomfort caused by eating sugars, fats, and carbs
  • 96% of health problems related to obesity are completely resolved or reversed quickly

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