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Recovering From Bariatric Surgery: What To Know

When you are contemplating bariatric surgery, you want to know everything. How much weight will you be able to lose, how fast will you lose it, and what will be your restrictions are all questions you want answered. If you have responsibilities like children and a demanding job, there are other important unknowns like recovery from this surgery. Recovering from bariatric surgery: what to know.

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How Are Hernias Diagnosed?

“I think I’ve got a hernia.” Patients often come into doctors’ offices having already diagnosed themselves as having a hernia. They have a lump, pain, and it gets worse when straining and lifting heavy objects. It’s possible they are correct, but it could be several other conditions. Physicians want to know exactly what’s wrong before they begin any treatment, so how are hernias diagnosed?

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When Is It Time To Consider Bariatric Surgery?

When is it time to consider bariatric surgery? If you are reading this article right now you may already know the answer.  If you have been thinking about taking action, your first step is to understand why it’s so important for your health, and then talk to Dignity Health Medical Group to find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

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Knowing the Difference Between Symptoms of IBS and Colon Cancer

Knowing the difference between symptoms of IBS and colon cancer might save someone from a lot of anxiety, and more importantly, give them a longer life to enjoy. If you are having some unusual changes to your bowel habits, review these differences and then follow up by making an appointment with Agave Surgical Specialists.

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Could My Pelvic Pain Be Due To A Hernia?

Could my pelvic pain be due to a hernia? It’s not usually the first thing that comes to mind. When most of us think of anything related to the pelvis and having pain, we assume it must be associated with a female disorder of some kind. Not only is that not always true, but pelvic pain can also affect men. Here’s what you should know about pelvic pain and hernias.

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