News & Events Am I A Candidate For Non-Mesh Hernia Repair?

Am I A Candidate For Non-Mesh Hernia Repair?

Some patients come into our offices and ask the question: Am I a candidate for non-mesh hernia repair? We usually cannot give them an answer until we have performed a thorough examination. Here, we can at least explain the basic criteria.

Shouldice Hernia Repair In Phoenix, AZ

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The technique to repair a hernia without mesh, screens, or a patch is known as the Shouldice hernia repair. It is named after its inventor Dr. E.E. Shouldice in the 1940s, a Canadian surgeon. It was found to be particularly helpful for soldiers wanting to enlist in World War II.

It is also known as the natural tissue repair since it uses permanent sutures instead of mesh. The surgery takes approximately 45 minutes to perform, and most patients are discharged from the hospital or outpatient facility on the same day.

Intravenous sedation is utilized as well as a local anesthetic at the site of the hernia. This technique can be used for most kinds of hernia repairs with the exception of a hiatal hernia and a parastomal hernia.

Why Some Patients Might Prefer A Non-Mesh Hernia Repair

Some patients prefer not to have a foreign substance inserted into their body, like mesh, and they worry about possible infection. There is an increased risk for chronic pain with a mesh repair, and others simply have certain contraindications, or reasons they are not good candidates for surgery using mesh.

Finally some patients have heard negative reports about mesh repair and are looking for an alternative. It is important to note that both types of hernia surgery are safe and effective in the hands of experienced surgeons like Dr. Shawn Stevenson at Dignity Health Medical Group.

Advantages of The Shouldice Hernia Repair

When comparing the Shouldice technique to mesh hernia repair, there are several advantages of the former.

They include:

  • A very low complication rate
  • There is a slim chance of recurrence (1 in 1000 at 3 years, and 6 in 1000 after 10 years)
  • Very low chronic pain rate
  • Low instance of infection

Who Is A Good Candidate For Non-Mesh Hernia Repair?

Not everyone qualifies for the Shouldice hernia repair. Patients are measured, and based on their weight and height must fall within certain guidelines.

Someone with a large abdomen may not be a candidate. This creates pressure on the repair increasing the risk for the hernia coming back.

Contact Dr. Stevenson at (602) 582-5233 for a thorough examination to find out if you are a candidate for a non-mesh hernia repair.