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News & Events Eating On A Budget After Weight Loss Surgery

Eating On A Budget After Weight Loss Surgery

Congratulations! You have taken on a major challenge and decided to live a more healthy life by getting weight loss surgery. It has been a long journey, but now your latest battle is eating on a budget after weight loss surgery. Let’s see if we can help.

Never Go Grocery Shopping When You Are Hungry

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This is the absolute worst possible thing you can do to stay on a budget AND stay healthy. We all know it’s a disastrous decision, yet many of us think we can rise above. Maybe you can once in a while, but why tempt yourself.

Have A Plan

Select a consistent time each week like Sunday afternoon to make a plan and a list of what you want to eat for the week. Then, stick to the list.

Next, pick a convenient and consistent time to go shopping for groceries. Lastly, only buy what you need.

Download this plan or this one.

Know What’s In Your Refrigerator And Pantry

Before you make your shopping list, double check that you actually need it.

Scan For Bargains

Look for deals in the newspaper and other mailers. Clip coupons and check out which grocery store has the best selections each week.

Buy the grocery store’s generic brand when it makes sense. It is usually less expensive than the name brands.

Cook At Home

It is less expensive to cook at home compared to going out. Some people find it works best to cook several meals at the same time and then freeze them. Make large batches and use as leftovers.

Skip All The Processed Foods

You know that already, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you.

Buy Seasonal Fruit And Produce

It is always going to be cheaper when it’s plentiful. Choose favorite frozen varieties not in season.

When In Doubt

Rely on fresh eggs, canned tuna, salmon, and beans. They are great sources of protein and work in all kinds of recipes.

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