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News & Events Incredible Benefits of Robotic Surgery to Know

Incredible Benefits of Robotic Surgery to Know

Agave Surgical Specialists offers several minimally invasive robotic surgery options, but it can be difficult to separate the true difference between all of these highly-technical terms as compared to traditional surgical methods. Read on to discover what makes robotic surgery such an incredible treatment for your medical condition!

Avoid Large Incisions

Robotic instruments are extremely thin. This is no accident, as they have been designed to enter the body through small incisions in the skin in order to reach targeted internal tissues. Typically, traditional surgeries require large incisions so that the surgeon is able to treat the area using their own hands. This can make hard to reach areas of the body very difficult to treat, and greatly increases the patient’s risk for potential complications.

robotic surgery

Less Scarring

Along with avoiding large incisions, patients can also avoid huge scars along their bodies that can often lead to significant anxiety and embarrassment over their appearance. Small openings created by robotic surgery instruments are often able to be covered completely using average-sized band-aids, making them easy to conceal if desired.

Recover More Quickly

Once again, this benefit goes hand-in-hand with those previously described. Because robotic surgery techniques can be performed through smaller incisions, they tend to heal much more quickly than large wounds caused by traditional surgeries.

This also lowers the patient’s risk of possible negative side effects, as there is less exposed tissue that may become infected or continue bleeding. With less risk, patients can often be released from the hospital much sooner than if they were to be under required round-the-clock monitoring from our clinical staff. For certain procedures, individuals can even expect to return home in the very same day!

Feel Less Pain

Many comparisons have been made that prove patients who undergo robotic surgery are likely to experience much lower pain levels for shorter periods of time than those who elect for an open surgery. Individuals with large wounds left from traditional surgery are often extremely limited in their mobility afterward, and will have a harder time recovering their complete range of motion once these wounds have healed. Robotic surgery allows patients the benefit of suffering through less discomfort, and staying relatively active soon after their procedure is complete.

Avoid Relying on Addictive Painkillers

In addition to encountering less pain, patients also typically require less medication to mitigate any irritation after surgery. Recent evidence clearly shows how highly-addictive several types of commonly prescribed painkillers can be, and so it is of course ideal for Agave Surgical Specialists to avoid administering these interventional treatments if possible.

Advantages for Agave Surgical Specialists

Robotic surgery offers multiple noteworthy advantages to patients, but physicians themselves can also benefit from performing these types of procedures in favor of more traditional methods. The da Vinci Surgical System utilized by Agave Surgical Specialists includes several 3D cameras attached to the instruments used during surgery that transmit clear images to a screen in front of Agave Surgical Specialists. These visualizations allow Agave Surgical Specialists a close inside look at the surgical site that enable improved decision making abilities during surgery.

Are You a Candidate for Robotic Surgery?

If you are interested in the many benefits that have been highlighted here, please contact Agave Surgical Specialists to schedule a consultation with our specialists to determine if robotic surgery may be the perfect solution for you and your health concerns!

As always, if you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call our Chandler, AZ office at (602) 582-5233.

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