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News & Events 12 Untrue Assumptions About Weight Loss

12 Untrue Assumptions About Weight Loss

If you struggle with your weight, you’re already tired of hearing about weight loss secrets, seeing ads on TV about how to lose weight, or getting well-meaning advice from friends and family. Shut all of that out, and focus instead on these 12 untrue assumptions about weight loss that may actually be the best way to silence the weight loss cacophony.

If You Are Overweight, It’s Your Fault. You Have No Willpower.

Yikes, what a way to start!  Nothing like a little encouragement when trying to lose weight. The truth is that your genes, environment, and biology all affect your ability to lose weight. Depression, medical conditions like hypothyroidism, resistance to the leptin hormone, plus other factors, can all contribute to obesity.

Consult with Agave Surgical Specialists to receive diagnostic testing for any underlying issues. Get the facts before you play the blame game.

A Calorie Is a Calorie

Although all calories have the same energy content, they don’t all affect your weight in the same way. Protein calories are quite different from fat calories or carbs. When you consume more protein, you increase your metabolism and reduce cravings.

Gaining a Few Pounds While on a Diet Is Disaster

No, erase that faulty assumption from your mind! No one loses weight without a few blips along the way. One week you may have extra water weight, and it’s perfectly normal you may pick up a pound or two. Fluctuation is normal and nothing to be upset about. It’s important to look at the long-term success of your weight loss journey like it would appear on a big picture graph. As long as it keeps going down over time, all is well.

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Use Supplements to Lose Even More Weight

This myth persists.  There is no evidence that using supplements will boost your weight loss. It might help a “smidgen” but is really not worth the trouble or money.

Just Do More Exercise to Lose More Weight

Usually this is mentioned along with eating less as the ultimate secret to losing weight. Saying it over and over doesn’t make it so. It may help for a short time, but the weight will come back again if you don’t adopt healthy habits for life.

Eating Fats Makes You Fat

Healthy fats are good for you. Olive oil, avocados, dark chocolate, and certain nuts can be part of a healthy diet that can help you lose weight, but make sure to only consume these in moderation please.

You Must Eat Breakfast

There is no real proof that this is true. It doesn’t really matter one way or the other according to several studies. The best advice is to eat when you’re hungry and stop when full.

All Carbs Make You Fat

Not necessarily. The trick is to keep protein consumption high and carb consumption low, and then the weight will come off. Stay away from refined carbs like sugar and grains, whereas other foods high in carbs like bananas and some veggies are all healthy.

Get on a Weight Loss Diet to Lose Weight

No, and no, dieting rarely works, especially long term. Changing your lifestyle is a better predictor of continued weight loss than fad dieting.

Never Eat Fast Food

Because we have become so health conscious, many so-called fast food menus are offering healthy choices. If you have to eat there, pick the best options.

Choose Diet Foods to Help Lose Weight

Be wise and read the labels. Just because they say “low fat” or “healthy” does not instantly make them so.

Obese People Are Not Healthy, Whereas Thin Folks Are

We can’t say that is true. We can say, however, that obesity can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers, but those who are thin can have those issues too. There are healthy overweight people, and unhealthy thin people.  Don’t jump to conclusions.

If you are interested in long term weight loss, contact Agave Surgical Specialists for professional recommendations on how to achieve this goal.

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